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It's still Uniregistry, just on the go

Everything you love, in the palm of your hand

Uniregistry at a tap?

We can’t always be sitting in front of our computers. Wouldn’t it be great if someone took everything that Uniregistry is and distilled it down into a bite-sized version of itself, and then made that available as a mobile application?

We got you covered. Introducing the Uniregistry app for iPhone and Android.

Security isn't a feature,
it's a prerequisite.

Losing your phone is always a possibility, do you really want to lose your domains as well? We thought not.

Touch ID (iOS) and two-step verification with all accounts, if enabled, you can use it here.

Search like a pro.

By price, by availability, by extension, or even just the premiums, we have the filter for you.

Find what you want, filter what you don't, and do it all while walking to get your next coffee.

For the truly adventurous, there’s even advanced filtering with all the options you’ve come to expect from the website*

*Only available on iOS (Android coming real soon)

Payments that just work

You’re with Uniregistry. Easily access any pre-existing funding source directly from the app. Do your renewals, register new names, and mail the receipts to yourself for posterity.

It's all right here.

Manage everything.

If you can do it on the web you should be able to do it while walking down the road—it should be as easy as riding a bike.

Renew, change privacy settings, forward, add a name server, remove a name server—hell, if you want to, why not add an MX record over breakfast?

Everything you need, included.

ccTLDs in an app, you say?

ccTLD’s: the bane of a domainers registration patterns. Some extensions have some pretty intense restrictions and nearly all with restrictions require a stack of extra information.

Say hello to the ccTLD to do list. Easily work through all the requirements in the app and complete registrations with consummate ease.

You can thank us later :)

Grab it from the App Store or from Google Play.